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Tool-Support Stefan Korn GmbH

Project Management
Tool Management
Document Creation
Technical Photography



Project Management

TSSK provides help for any parts of your projects or even takes over of the complete project management.

Withal we support you in the fields:
- Planning and preparation of projects
- Creation of project plans or any other schedules
- Reconciliation with your customer concerning technic and scheduling

- Searching and selection of suitable suppliers
- Monitoring of project items of or whole projects
- Monitoring and checking of process schedules

  Tool Management (primarily, but not only for injection moulding tools)  

TSSK Tool Management support and advise you for following subjects or even taken over the whole items for:
- Material selection
- Advice concerning serial producibility of plastic injection moulded parts
- Evaluation of feasibility studies
- Creation of schedules
- Schedule checking and evaluation
- Creation, checking and evalutation of tool manufacture progress plans
- Searching and finding of time reduction possibilities
- Creation of specification for injection moulding tools
- Organisation of instant tool repairs in case of tool damage
- Tracking of instant tool repairs in case of tool damage
- Organisation of tool transports within Germany

With support of partner companies TSSK also provide you
- Checking of data for plastic parts
- Checking of tool data
- Design for injection moulding tools

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- Tool tracking
- Part (output, component) tracking
- Project tracking
- Tracking of documents

Tracking within our office:

We ask for time limited deliveries and remind or demand your supplier for:
- Purchase order acknowledgements
- Project plans and schedules
- Progress photos,
- Progress reports,
- CAD documents, CAD data, designs
- Tool data,
- Parts, components, outputs
- Dates for technical meetings
- any informationen you want

Tracking on tour:

By visits of your suppliers TSSK is tracking the tool manufacture progress. During this action - as fas as requested and allowed - TSSK documents the whole progress of all single parts of the tool by taken photos of them. If requested and a Bill Of Material for all tool single parts is available, we will check and note the whole progress according to the tool-BOM. As result you will get a detailed report with all taken photographs in a solution of 1600x1200 pixels. The report you will get per email. The photographs we will provide you via FTP-Server.

Tracking within your company:

Also within your organisation we track for you the regular flow of all project tasks with the target that no time will be missed. Many times in large organisations projects come to a standstill caused of waiting one for another or a link of a project chain failed or does not have enough capacity without coordination with the other links.

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  Dokument Creation  

TSSK can create for you or help you to create:

- Part lists, part overviews
- Tool overviews
- Specification for injection moulding tools
- Translation of tool specification from German in English or from English in German
- Rework of specifications (better and clear form and design and with new photos or graphics)
- Project schedules in MS Excel or MS Project, also templates
- Tool progress plans
- Data sheets for tools and other equipment
- Templates for reports
- Templates in MS Excel, any kind

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  Technische Fotografie  

Do you need photographs of tools or technical equipment? Then you are on the right side with TSSK. With each tracking visit - as far as agreed and allowed by your supplier - many photographs of the concerned tools or equipment will be taken and will be supplied to you for download from our FTP-Server. The solution of the photos will be minimum 1600x900 pixels and maximum 4000x3000 pixels. Please let us know in advance, which parts and details you want to see in the photos. Then we will focus on your requests. In case of tool damage, please provide us output parts with marked problem zones or part failures. Then we will find the appropriate damages or failure positions in the tool and will show you by photographs.

Following photos show examples for tool details, which was not found from other side, but found during the tool inspection of TSSK. With a click on the photo, you can see it larger.



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